SCS is not a new martial art or combat sport, but a dynamic form of self-defense developed specifically for the street.
SCS is a product of years of research, experimentation, training, and testing what works and what does not. The important principle of SCS is that what does not work is not trained.
Only in this way can SCS guarantee practitioners the quality that modern self-defense in the 21st century must meet.
Defense against both unarmed and armed opponents.
Frans Stroeven founded SCS with only one goal: self-defense that really works and everyone can learn, regardless of age, gender, and level.
His mission is to spread SCS in the Netherlands and the rest of the world Stroeven has been practicing martial arts all his life, including eskrima, knife fighting and pangamot.
All over the world, he gives seminars to both military units and civilians. His real-world experiences, research and training have been incorporated into SCS, a self-defense that works, for you too!
For proper training and guidance, you will find that SCS is the ultimate in self-defense, against both unarmed and armed opponents.
Eskrima is a dynamic, realistic self-defense that originated in the Philippines. Initially, one learns how to use weapons such as a stick, knife, machete and other striking and stabbing weapons.
For pure self-defense, it is a great advantage to know how to handle weapons and how to fight armed opponents. There are many different styles of Eskrima that do not meet the requirements of pure self-defense.
This is different with SCS Eskrima! It is the effectiveness that is always emphasized; It is not just about technical skills or physical strength, but about applying the principles and combining them with stress resistance, controlled aggression and realistic scenario training (think of fighting multiple opponents).
Attitude and the right mindset are an important part of SCS Eskrima. Unarmed combat also plays an important role in Eskrima. With or without weapons and using the principles, we flow from one technique to another in a very realistic way. This makes Eskrima a solid and realistic self-defense.


Pangamot means empty hand in Filipino a hard realistic fighting style developed in the Philippines and modernized by Frans Stroeven.
The Pangamot is a very realistic, aggressive self-defense adapted to these times and made for the 21st century. Made for the street, made for self-defense, made for you!!!
With this slogan Frans promotes this unique form of self-defense and with success all over the world Frans gives trainings and seminars in this fascinating way of fighting his view on martial arts and self-defense is unique.


This is what Frans Stroeven says about the pangamot a very realistic way of fighting that fits perfectly with my ideas of self-defense that more than meets my needs and is easy to adapt to my idea of what real self-defense entails.
My Pangamot is based on my own experiences in street fighting I have incorporated my experiences into my way of self-defense and tested many times in my gym, The gym is my laboratory where all ideas are worked out and tested if it works if it does not work then it is not trained.


Pangamot for the street as self-defense that's it no more and no less! Frans has developed the Pangamot for pure self-defense look at Frans's Eskrima hard, fast, aggressive, yet controlled!
That is his fighting style these principles are implemented in unarmed fighting, everything of the body is used as a weapon, think of punches in many ways fist, palm, fingers, knuckles, front arm, elbows, biceps, shoulder, head butts, kicks, knees, shins, heels, hair pulling, biting so really everything but really everything is used as a weapon and all in a very realistic, aggressive way that you often don't find in other martial arts.

Follow a seminar with Frans and you too will see that the Pangamot will complement your self-defense and as Frans always says

Knife fighting is an indispensable element in pure self-defense and martial arts. Knife fighting is becoming more and more popular and more and more teachers agree with me. ONLY THOSE WHO CAN FIGHT WITH A KNIFE CAN DEFEND THEMSELVES AGAINST A KNIFE ATTACK! The knife fighting developed by Frans is realistic, hard, fast and a feast for the eyes!
It is not for nothing that Frans' knife fighting is practiced all over the world and military units also use Frans' insights and qualities in knife fighting. For Frans Stroeven, knife fighting is much more than self-defense; it's also fun to do."
It gives you reflexes that you don't develop with normal training without knives. Hand-eye coordination is highly developed and that is important for your insight, coordination, speed, timing, etc. A very important point is that knife fighting also greatly improves your unarmed combat; eventually you get faster reflexes and your coordination becomes much better.
At WKFS we have a fantastic knife program that teaches you step by step how to use the knife and how to defend yourself against an armed opponent. WE DON'T CARRY KNIVES! More and more people carry knives because they feel unsafe or want to get tough with a knife, but we tell our students that we don't do that at SCS.

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