Frans Stroeven has been giving seminars worldwide since over 35 years, His seminars are known for their dynamic character and Frans' realistic view of Eskrima and the martial arts in general.
Anyone who attends Frans' seminars will not soon forget them. Hard, fast, dynamic and a feast for the eyes and all this in a humorous way; this is the trademark of Frans.
Do you also want to attend a seminar and get caught by the Eskrima virus? Join us and discover what Eskrima can do for you.
We regularly organize training camps in different European countries such as Holland, Germany, France, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Austria.
These camps usually last three or five days. We always train five hours a day and in this way you can quickly progress in Eskrima, Knife Fighting or Pangamot. During these camps there are also opportunities for short training sessions, for exams and for special teacher training.
If you want to meet and train under the guidance of Frans Stroeven, this is your chance!
The only thing we ask of you is to be open to new insights and ideas and the willingness to train hard.

Would you like to organize a seminar or training camp with Frans Stroeven in your city or country?  

You can imagine a seminar on Eskrima, Knife fighting or Pangamot, but also a mixed seminar where you can see Frans in action in all aspects and get familiar with the Stroeven fighting system.

A seminar is a great start to becoming part of SCS and working with other students and teachers who have become the DNA of the SCS family.

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