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Frans Stroeven is one of the best instructors of Filipino martial arts. Follow and learn from Frans and you will see that you will also gain more knowledge about realistic self defense. He will show you that Eskrima is more than just sport and martial arts.

Welcome to the training and the world of SCS!

Frans will help you and train you to be a good Eskrimador and who knows, maybe you will reach the top! Frans will support you with training, tips and advice and his personal view on Eskrima in general. Through his training you will gain more knowledge and your skills will increase quickly, both in Eskrima and in Knife fighting and Pangamot (weaponless fighting). This site is specifically designed to take you to the next level and show you that SCS Eskrima is unlike anything else.

Are you already training a martial art or self-defence and are you a beginner or advanced?

Then you will certainly be able to reach a different level through the training and guidance of Frans Stroeven. Frans will provide you with new knowledge and ideas and hopes to see you at one of his seminars or trainings.


Frans Stroeven has been practicing Eskrima since 1983 and gives seminars all over the world. Frans is also the only state-recognized Eskrima teacher in the Netherlands and recognized by the NOC * NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee * Dutch Sports Federation).

The programs are put together so that you will progress quickly as a beginner. You buy some basic training equipment and just get started. (See answers to question 3 and 4)

Eskrima training requires a short stick (and sometimes a knife ).).
For Knife fighting, you'll use a training knife.
It is best to use MMA gloves for Pangamot, but if you already have boxing gloves, you can use those as well.

Of course, it's best to have a training partner, but it's also easy to train without one. Think about solo exercises with weapons (sometimes in front of a mirror) or training with a punching bag.

SCS is an added value to any martial art or self-defense. The techniques and training methods have been adapted so that they can be easily integrated into other martial arts or self-defense systems.

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